Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Demand Side Management in Microgrid Considering Energy Consumption Scheduler (ECS)    M.Sc.    Seyed Sadeghzadeh Bafandeh, Seyed Saeed    2014-05-17
2    The estimated life of distribution transformers to provide a improved model for transformer hot spot temperature.    M.Sc.    Aminizadeh, Saeed    2015-06-13
3    Failure rate modeling and Risk Based Maintenance (RBM) scheduling for power distribution system equipments    M.Sc.    Ilbeygi, Arash    2015-07-11
4    Super capacitors effects in reducing stray currents in the rail transport system    M.Sc.    saadatyar, ebrahim    2015-11-28
5    Optimal Simultaneous Localizing of Photovoltaic Sources and Switching Devices to Improve the Reliability of Distribution Networks in Terms of the Cost    M.Sc.    mojtabaei, alirezamojtabaei, alireza    2016-01-02
6    Optimal planning of electric vehicle charging stations considering traffic constraints: a case study in the city of Mashhad    M.Sc.    Rahighi, Alireza    2016-02-19
7    Optimal Placement of Sectionalizing Switches in Distribution Network Considering Feeder Ranking    M.Sc.    alabdullah, mohammed    2016-10-29
8    Reliability analyzing of province of khorasan including wind farm effects    M.Sc.    doostparast torshizi, ali    2016-12-18
9    Optimal placement of fault indicators in the medium distribution network 11 KV substation 33KV Malaab in the Diwaniyah province of Iraq to improve ENS ,CAIDI and SAIDI    M.Sc.    Almohana, hasan    2016-12-18
10    New method fir detecting if internal turn-to-turn fault by negative sequence current    M.Sc.    danesh yazdian, elahe    2017-06-03
11    Optimal placement of distribution transformers based on the Spatial Load Forecasting in ten-year period    M.Sc.    Fotoohi, Amir Hossein    2017-06-17
12    Modelling and Frequency Control of Microgrid by using of Dynamic Demand Response Control Loop by Fuzzy Technique    M.Sc.    rezaei farimani, mohmmad ali    2018-02-10
13    Improvement reliability in MV distribution network by optimal location of circuit breaker in karbla city    M.Sc.    shakir, hasan    2018-03-17
14    Power Loss Minimization Using Network Reconfiguration in Distribution Network by considering operrational constraint    M.Sc.    DAEALHAQ, HAITHAM    2018-06-09